Lawrence Matasar pc

Attorney at Law
(503) 228-0487

Lawrence Matasar has been honored every year since 1999 in The Best Lawyers in America. He is listed for both Criminal Cases and for White Collar Criminal Cases.

He has been acknowledged in the local press as “one of Portland’s top criminal defense lawyers,” and as “one of the best in the business.”

He has appeared as criminal defense counsel in federal court in other states, including Washington, California and Florida, and has worked as co-counsel with leading national criminal defense lawyers.

He has represented criminal defense lawyers, elected District Attorneys, and Deputy District Attorneys. He has been retained by the Oregon Judicial Department to represent Oregon judges.

Mr. Matasar has testified in court on several occasions as an expert witness on the constitutional meaning of an effective criminal defense. He has also testified before the Oregon Legislature regarding proposed legislation.

He has been appointed to serve on numerous committees, including the State Professional Responsibility Board, the Oregon Public Safety Commission, the Computers and Information Technology Committee, the Uniform Jury Instruction Committee, the Medical Examiner Advisory Board, and the Uniform Trial Court Rules Committee. He is a frequent speaker on Criminal Defense and Legal Ethics.